Information Technology is our core competency.

Empower has always been and always will be an Information Technology company at its core. While we augment our technology sales and services with business process improvement, consulting and other services, technology is always at the heart of our solutions. Click on the tabs at left to explore some of the technologies we employ to build solutions for our clients.

Resource Optimization

Mathematical models to streamline your operation.

Optimization models have been around for a long time, first getting widespread use by the military for logistics and manpower planning during WW II. However, optimization techniques have only recently become more common with the expansion of University curriculum, and the advent of powerful computers necessary to perform the complex and numerous computations.

Empower’s roots are in resource optimization and scheduling. The very first application we developed was a truck routing and scheduling system for national carriers. Since then we have developed many other optimization models for transportation and service companies.

Resource assignment, routing, scheduling and allocation techniques, as well as statistical modelling, are paramount to maximizing efficiency and revenue for all types of operations. Contact us to discuss how we can help you to glean the most out of your organization.

Global Positioning (GPS)

Imagine the world without GPS.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and navigation technology have been a huge boon for businesses and consumers over the past decade. Countless hours, billions of gallons of gasoline, and millions of trees have been saved as people no longer need to stop and ask directions, navigate inefficient routes, or reference paper maps.  Even though the technology is relatively new, it’s hard to imagine the world without GPS.

Empower has been selling and implementing Global Positioning System (GPS) technology since the first “black boxes” came out near the millennium.  GPS hardware has changed a lot over that time, and now we are more likely to develop a mobile app that accesses location data on a Smartphone.

While the hardware has changed over the years, how the location data is actually used is still the most important aspect of GPS technology. Whether it’s a simple asset tracking application, service verification using a geotag, or allocating and scheduling resources more efficiently using real-time location data, we have the experience to help you with your next location-centric project. Take a look at how GPS assisted technology can help you to meet your organizational goals.

Indoor Positioning

It’s like GPS for indoor environments.

The benefits of GPS technology are undeniable, but up until now those benefits stopped as soon as you entered a building and the GPS signal was shielded. Now, indoor positioning brings the benefits of GPS indoors.  Indoor positioning is an important component in Empower’s Customer Experience Enhancement and Revenue Expansion outcomes, and Empower has partnered with Wifarer to resell their award-winning indoor positioning technology.

Like an indoor GPS, Wifarer is a revolutionary navigation system that guides you step by step inside large, complex venues. With Wifarer on your smartphone you can easily find your way around hospitals, universities, shopping malls, museums, airports, and convention centers in every major city in the world.  More importantly, Wifarer delivers proximity-based content, including coupons and promotions based on a user’s location, opening up new advertising and promotion revenue streams for venues.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is more than maps in apps.

Maps are necessary to provide context to spatial data, for example to display the locations of specific assets. Maps are also important to help customers and staff navigate to where they want or need to go. However, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are so much more than just plotting data on maps.

GIS is a central component of service optimization, advanced planning systems and location services. Empower has been working with GIS since the company was formed over 15 years ago. We have experience with ESRI, Google, open source and even proprietary technologies. With that kind of experience, we can help you with your next GIS project.

Cloud Deployments

Is Cloud technology right for your organization?

“Cloud” seems to be the latest misused, overused and over-hyped technology buzz term. Whether or not cloud actually lives up to the hype really depends on the solution you require.  Undoubtedly, deploying applications on remotely hosted virtual machines can save organizations time and money, and provides a robust scalable platform.

Empower has experience deploying applications and services on the most popular cloud and managed hosting platforms using both Linux™ and Windows® servers. We understand the trade-offs and can guide you through the decision process of choosing the best platform for your solution, and when it’s time to deploy the solution we can help you to go live.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Does the SaaS model fit your solution?

Currently, Software as a Service (SaaS) is rapidly becoming the most popular licensing model for software. Software developers are drawn to the SaaS licensing model because of the allure of recurring revenues and lower software distribution costs.

Having developed and deployed our own SaaS product, Empower understands the unique architectural, business and marketing requirements of the subscription licensing model. We can help you to design the system architecture necessary to support your vision, and assist in the development and deployment of your SaaS solution.

Wireless Communications

Wireless technology enables mobile solutions.

A core component of any mobile development effort is wireless communications. Empower has deep ties to the wireless industry; our engineers have designed and developed firmware and wireless equipment test systems for major wireless equipment manufacturers.

We also have extensive experience working with public and private wireless networks including mesh and other topologies.  We have deployed solutions on all the major public wireless networks, and can help you with your wireless deployment.