FleetChief Service Optimization

The FleetChief Service Optimization solution fits many field service industries.

Any business that operates a service fleet or has mobile workers will benefit from the reduced costs and increased profits they achieve from service optimization solutions by Empower. Some common problems encountered by service companies include:

    • Service Managers forget to schedule service calls
    • Dispatchers struggle to track tasks, parts, and personnel
    • Processes break down when crises arise
    • Service staff could be more productive
    • Customers leave due to failures in service execution
    • Everyone is doing their best, but profits vaporize
FleetChief Field Service Optimization

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The foundation of our solution is the FleetChief Field Service Optimization System which has been fine-tuned through more than 10 years of development and several upgrade releases. With the power of FleetChief’s sophisticated, proprietary scheduling algorithms, your service managers and dispatchers are much more efficiently. FleetChief continuously evaluates thousands of variables  and tactical options that determine your profit in real time, to suggest optimal schedules and worker assignments.

Save time and reduce paperwork.

Through wireless communications, workers automatically receive work orders at the appropriate time. Driving instructions, customer work history, and diagrams can accompany the job information. Job status and GPS coordinates periodically transmit back from the service vehicle to alert office staff to possible service failures before they occur.  At job completion, FleetChief returns invoicing data for quick, accurate back-office processing.  We configure FleetChief to enforce your operating procedures and workflow.  If your business requires components that are not currently available in the FleetChief solution, we can develop the additional functionality to work seamlessly with the core FleetChief system.

The benefits are huge!

FleetChief Field Service Productivity by Empower:

    • Reduces your labor and associated costs by up to 40%
    • Increases driver productivity and accountability
    • Decreases dispatching and supervisory requirements
    • Automates data collection and reduces paper handling
    • Provides proof of service delivery

Would saving 25 to 40% on your operational costs help meet your company’s financial goals?

FleetChief Field Service Productivity solutions by Empower help you reduce costs and increase revenue, while delivering superior service. The ultimate benefit to you is greater profits and happier customers.

Contact us to learn more about FleetChief and how it can boost your service productivity and your company’s bottom line.