Location-Based Services
LBS Overview

What are Location-Based Services?

Location-Based Services (LBS) is an overarching term used to describe applications or services that identify the location of a person or object in order to provide some useful information. An LBS usually locates mobile devices through wireless networks, and uses the position of the mobile device to provide some additional information.  As such, the expansion of the smartphone and tablet markets has caused a rapid increase in LBS, and more services are being introduced every day.

Examples of the types of services provided include:

      • Navigating to a location
      • Discovering the nearest ATM
      • Locating a friend, employee or equipment
      • Finding the nearest restroom
      • Locating a restaurant or store

Empower has been involved in the LBS industry for over a dozen years.  Originally Empower began selling vehicle tracking and asset management using GPS.  Later it incorporated GPS technology into its service optimization solutions to more accurately predict the arrival times of resources at their destinations, and to assign the closet resource to jobs or tasks.  Now, with the introduction of Indoor Positioning technology, Empower is bringing those same features to in-building applications.

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Outdoor Positioning Services (GPS)

What would the world be like without GPS?

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and navigation technology have been a huge boon for businesses and consumers over the past decade. Countless hours, billions of gallons of gasoline, and millions of trees have been saved as people no longer need to stop and ask directions, navigate inefficient routes, or reference paper maps.  Even though the technology is relatively new, it’s hard to imagine the world without GPS.

Some uses of GPS include:

    • Vehicle, asset or person tracking
    • In-vehicle navigation
    • Stolen property locators
    • Finding the closest resource to a job

Empower has been selling and implementing GPS technology since the first “black boxes” came out around the millennium.  GPS hardware has changed a lot over that time, and now the position is more likely to be provided by a mobile app that accesses a location service on a Smartphone.

While the hardware has changed over the years, how the location data is actually used is still the most important aspect of GPS technology.  For example, recently Empower has used location information to provide more accurate ETA’s for resources en route to perform a job, or to assign the closest resource to a job or task.

Whether it’s a simple asset tracking application, service verification using a geotag, or allocating and scheduling resources more efficiently using real-time location data, we have the experience to help you with your next location-centric project.

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Indoor Positioning Services

How could “Indoor GPS” help your business?

The benefits of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology are undeniable, but until recently those benefits stopped as soon as you entered a building and the GPS signal was shielded. Now, indoor positioning brings the benefits of GPS indoors.

Locating and tracking resources is important to maximize resource utilization, so Empower has integrated its FleetChief Service Optimization solution with industry leading indoor positioning technology. Like GPS, indoor positioning services can provide important functions inside large, complex venues including:

    • Positioning
    • Proximity detection
    • Navigation / Wayfinding
    • Arrival and service delivery verification

Like GPS, there are many benefits to your business from deploying indoor positioning services including:

    • Reduced costs
    • Improved transparency and accountability
    • Increased asset utilization

Implement an Indoor Positioning Service and you will never again lose track of your workers when they go indoors.