Software Development

Empower has been developing quality software applications since its inception, now spanning more than 15 years of experience.  Empower has thrived by continually evolving and employing innovative technologies and the latest development methods.  A quick summary of our software development experience includes:

    • Web sites and applications using HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Java, VB, SQL, XML, XSL, and other tools and languages
    • C and C++, and object oriented development in multi-threaded real-time and embedded systems
    • Distributed applications using IP and higher level protocols
    • More recent experience working with Node.js and MongoDB databases

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Mobile Applications

The first application Empower developed way back in 1995 was a sales force automation application for occasionally connected sales engineers. Since then we have developed mobile applications that run on tablets, smartphones, or ruggedized special purpose hardware that capture data from barcode scanners, GPS, light meters, sensors and other input devices.

Empower has developed native Windows and Android applications, as well as web apps using the latest tools including HTML5 (with native extensions) on the client and node.js on the server.  Our most challenging mobile applications involve real-time dispatching and workflow tracking.  Empower also has many years experience implementing commercial and proprietary wireless protocols.

Web Services

Empower has developed and deployed sophisticated multi-threaded and real-time web services on both Windows and Linux servers using SOAP / .NET as well as open-source development tools.

Some of the tools used include HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Java, VB, SQL, XML, XSL, and other tools and languages.  More recently we have experience working with Node.js and nosql databases.

Database Systems

Empower has many years of experience designing and developing database systems.  We have proficiency in MS SQL Server including reporting and Business Intelligence services.  More recently we have been working with nosql databases.

Microsoft Windows / Native Clients

While not nearly as common now, some solutions still call for traditional native client applications. We have extensive experience developing traditional software solutions in the Windows and Linux environments.