IT Consulting & Integration

From conception to completion, Empower can help deliver your next IT solution.

Empower is a full-service solution provider experienced in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. Empower uses Agile methods to design, develop and manage our client projects.  Click on a tab at left to review the range of IT Consulting and Integration services we offer.

Project Management

Effective Project Management is the key to a successful solution implementation.

Our Agile project management approach provides for constant communication and frequent status checks, so that you remain in control of the solution implementation project. The result is that you receive the benefits you’ve been looking for quickly, on budget and with no surprises.

Business Requirements Analysis

Well defined and documented requirements ensure project objectives are satisfied.

Our Agile requirements definition process quickly identifies the functional areas your solution must address, and importantly, it also identifies functional areas to be excluded from the solution.  The result is you know exactly what you will receive from the solution, and how it will help your business.

Profitability Impact Assessment

A profitability impact assessment is key to management buy-in and project funding.

To obtain management buy-in and project funding, Empower first performs an analysis of the business challenges you face, potential solutions, and the profitability associated with implementing these solutions. This process establishes your potential for savings, increased revenues, and simple payback on your investment.

Solution Design & Evaluation

Excellent outcomes depend on a superior solution design.

Once we have defined the business requirements, prepared the business case and determined the ROI, we work with you to design the best solution. We prepare the design specification including integration points and workflow enhancements, and help identify and evaluate existing technologies that satisfy some or all of your requirements.  Typically this is an iterative process which isn’t complete until you have signed off on the design document.

Solution Integration

Poor solution integration can diminish benefits or render a solution ineffective.

Modern systems are rarely stand-alone; it is almost always necessary to integrate with existing enterprise or department level systems. Identifying the integration points, designing the integration process, and successfully completing the integration effort is key to an effective solution implementation.  Empower has experience integrating solutions with CRM, ERP, scheduling, accounting and other types of systems.

Testing, Training & Support

User acceptance and support is often the difference between solution success and failure.

So many times, project teams work hard to design and develop a superb solution but they fall down in the critical final step; making sure the solution functions properly and end users actually like using it.  We work with you to make sure your solution meets your requirements and is functioning properly before your workers begin to use it. We can also assist you with user documentation and training. After the solution is in production, we will continue to work with you to support and update your solution as your business changes.