Cloud-based Software Helps Airport Operator Cut Labor Costs by 35%

Empower Decision Systems’ FleetChief Cloud Ramp Service Optimization Technology Also Cut Other Costs by 25%

Houston, TX – A cloud-based software solution developed by a field service optimization company has cut ramp labor costs by 35% at one of the nation’s busiest airports, bringing unprecedented savings to a critical labor-intensive operation.

Empower Decisions Systems’ FleetChief™ Cloud ramp service optimization system, which was implemented for a lavatory and potable water service provider at Houston’s Bush International Airport over a six-month period, also cut other related costs by an additional 25%.

Ramp services are a critical labor-intensive component of any airline operation, with labor costs accounting for up to 75% of ramp service costs. Consequently, raising efficiency and reducing labor cost are vital to airlines’ financial viability, especially in tough economic times.

“The cloud-based software service provides customers with a lot more benefits and less risk when compared with traditional software purchase and deployment models,” said Doug Stephan, Director – Solutions Development for Empower Decision Systems. “Typically, we are able to implement our solution in a matter of weeks as opposed to months, and the upfront time and costs are a fraction of what’s required for other solutions.”

The FleetChief™ Cloud ramp service optimization system combines real-time flight schedules and gate assignment information with sophisticated scheduling algorithms to assign the closest truck to each arriving aircraft. Work instructions are communicated wirelessly and GPS reports track the progress of the workers to keep everything operating smoothly.

The cost savings delivered by FleetChief™ Cloud helped the ramp services operator recover the implementation costs in less than a month and the first-year ROI – or return on investment – should exceed 210%, said Stephan. Consequently, the operator is already making plans to implement the technology at the Liberty International Airport in Newark, N.J. as soon as the system is fully deployed in Houston, he added.

Please visit to download a White Paper outlining the benefits of the FleetChief Cloud ramp service optimization system.

About Empower Decision Systems

Empower Decision Systems, Inc. has a track record of delivering exceptional decision support systems to its customers. Since its inception in 1995, the company has developed high-quality transportation, logistics and field service productivity solutions. Empower customers consistently realize and sustain operating cost reductions that average between 20 percent and 40 percent, while vastly improving customer satisfaction.

Empower’s FleetChief Cloud Field Service Productivity system has been perfected through more than 10 years of development and upgrade releases. Over the past several years, the FleetChief Cloud solution has been fine-tuned for the aviation ramp services industry.

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