Liquid Waste

The Liquid Waste hauling business is complex and demanding.

In addition to the problems typically encountered by other other field service organizations, Liquid Waste companies must also support complex business rules including:

    • Aligning multiple services on different cycles at the same location
    • Scheduling mid-day dumps to maximize productivity
    • Meeting complex time window requirements for certain customers
    • Monitoring transfer tank volumes to prevent overflows or work stoppages
    • Complying with strict regulatory requirements

These difficult conditions are made worse by seemingly daily snafus including:

    • Emergency calls arise at the last minute 
    • Wrong equipment gets sent to the job
    • Workers get sick, or lost
    • Service equipment breaks down
    • Jobs take longer and require more tank capacity than expected
    • Customers cancel service calls with little notice

Process challenges often arise after jobs are completed:

    • Paperwork is lost, delayed, or missing important information
    • Quality control procedures are ignored
    • Materials are tracked improperly

One mistake during service execution or billing could be all it takes to send your hard-won customer running to your competitor.

But gaining new customers is difficult and expensive! Your success depends on how well your field workers, service managers, and dispatchers perform their jobs to keep your customers happy.

Click on the tabs above to see how the FleetChief Field Service Optimization system can help you overcome your challenges.

Liquid Waste Service Optimization

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Do you deal with these issues on a daily basis? The FleetChief  Service Optimization solution simplifies decision-making.

FleetChief Field Service Optimization

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Optimize service delivery

With the power of FleetChief® Field Service Optimization your service managers and dispatchers can evaluate multiple tactical options in real time. FleetChief continuously evaluates thousands of variables that determine your profit, to suggest optimal schedules and worker assignments.

Save time and reduce paperwork.

Through wireless communications, workers automatically receive work orders at the appropriate time. Driving instructions, customer work history, and diagrams can accompany the job information. Job status and GPS coordinates periodically transmit back from the service vehicle to alert office staff to possible service failures before they occur.  At job completion, FleetChief returns invoicing data for quick, accurate back-office processing.

Improve quality control.

Your operating procedures and workflow are configured into FleetChief to enforce all required steps. This increases first-time problem resolution rates and reduces the rework that often makes a job unprofitable.

Contact us today to discuss how FleetChief can help you boost productivity and customer service.

FleetChief Benefits

Better decisions drive bigger profits!

FleetChief Field Service Optimization solutions help you reduce costs and increase revenue, while delivering superior service.  The superior decision support of the FleetChief solution results in a number of cost-saving benefits to your company:

    • Ensures time windows are met
    • Assigns the correct equipment to jobs
    • Automatically schedules mid-day dumps to maximize productivity
    • Automatically Monitors transfer tank levels and schedules accordingly
    • Reduces your costs by up to 40%
    • Reduces drive time
    • Increases driver productivity and accountability
    • Improves dispatch efficiency
    • Decreases supervisory requirements
    • Decreases fuel and maintenance costs
    • Automates data collection and reduces paper handling

In addition, FleetChief provides a number of revenue enhancement and customer service benefits:

    • Increases job completions per day
    • Accelerates customer invoicing
    • Provides proof of service delivery

Would saving 25 to 40% on your operational costs help meet your company’s financial goals?  Give us a call and find out how FleetChief can help you achieve your goals.

Liquid Waste Sectors

FleetChief can be configured for most service industries.

The FleetChief solution increases the profitability of mobile workers and field service operations in a variety of highly dynamic and competitive service industries, and we are proud of our relationship with some of the premier companies in the country.

For example, FleetChief has been implemented for facility inspection, oil & gas services, liquid waste collection and aviation applications.   Our Customers have found FleetChief® to be a cost-effective tool for managing their mobile resources.  

FleetChief can be configured for these Liquid Waste sectors:

    • Grease & Grit Trap Cleaning
    • Grease Collection & Recycling
    • Inspection Services
    • Waste Water & Sludge  Collection
    • Septic Tank Pumping
    • Portable Toilet Service
    • Many others…

We can help you to improve the profitability of your service operation. Your ultimate benefit is greater profits and happier customers. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you meet your challenges and increase your profitability!