Aviation Ground Handling Services

Running an efficient ground handling operation is a huge challenge.

Zone-based approaches are inefficient, and trying to manually dispatch workers is complex and error prone as dispatchers try to keep track of many key factors:

    • Gate assignments and ground time windows
    • Aircraft type and service requirements
    • Workers’ locations, times available, and skill sets

Add to those decisions the inevitable last-minute glitches that require on-the-fly dispatching changes:

    • Flight schedules, aircraft and gate assignments change constantly
    • Services take longer than expected
    • Workers become sick, get lost, or stray off course
    • Service equipment requires replenishing or breaks down

Do these problems sound familiar? Do you deal with these challenges on a daily basis?

The FleetChief Service Optimization solution helps you reduce costs and increase revenue, while delivering superior service.  The ultimate benefit to you is greater profits and happier customers.

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Ramp Services Optimization

Airport ramps are chaotic and challenging work environments.

Equipment and people are moving everywhere and aircraft schedules and gates are constantly changing.  Maintaining profitability and customer satisfaction depends on how well your ramp workers, dispatchers, and service managers perform their jobs in the service chain.  Do you deal with these issues on a daily basis? 

FleetChief Field Service Optimization

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Solve your service challenges with FleetChief®.

The FleetChief Service Optimization solution reduces service failure risk so your workers can be more productive:

    • Constantly imports flight schedule, gate, and aircraft changes, and generates or updates  required services for each arriving aircraft
    • Automatically assigns services to workers, schedules tasks and routes resources to optimize ramp worker utilization and minimize service failure risks
    • Automatically dispatches services to workers by wireless communications
    • Wirelessly receives job status and worker requests
    • Automatically schedules and dispatches breaks, lunches, and vehicle replenishment tasks, such as dump, fuel, and inventory
    • Tracks resource locations using GPS
    • Provides a “Worker Scorecard” and other management reports
    • Integrates with accounting and back-end services

The benefits are huge!

The FleetChief Ramp Service Optimization system:

    • Reduces your labor and associated costs by up to 40%
    • Increases driver productivity and accountability
    • Decreases supervisory requirements
    • Automates data collection and reduces paper handling
    • Provides proof of service delivery

Contact us to discuss how FleetChief can optimize your ramp operations and provide a positive impact to your bottom line and customer service.

Passenger & Terminal Services Optimization

Working inside the airport terminal adds complexity to an already tough environment.

All the same challenges present on the ramp exist inside the terminal but, unlike the ramp environment, GPS doesn’t work inside the terminal making it very difficult to track mobile resources and people. Whether workers are performing passenger services such as assisting reduced mobility passengers, or above wing services including cabin cleaning, it is even more important to be able to track worker movements in order to verify service start and completion times. Do these challenges sound familiar to you?

FleetChief Field Service Optimization

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Empower’s FleetChief Service Optimization solution, combined with indoor positioning technology from our partners, overcomes this limitation.  FleetChief allows you to effectively schedule, dispatch track and manage mobile workers inside the airport terminal using indoor positioning technology instead of GPS.

The benefits of using FleetChief inside the terminal include:

    • Accurately track resource location
    • Optimize the assignment of tasks to resources and crews
    • Verify service start and completion times

Service verification is important to avoid fines for not complying with customer service level agreements and government regulations.

Contact us to discuss how FleetChief combined with indoor location technologies can optimize your passenger assistance and above wing airline service operations, and provide a positive impact to your bottom line and customer service.